arqbag. Cooperativa d'arquietctura

Agents in inter-cooperation

La Politja
Cooperative pole for the transformation of Sant Cugat towards the ESS, through culture and knowledge

Sectorial hab coop en cessió d’ús de la XES
Meeting space for entities and groups that work together to promote cooperative housing in transfer of use, within the framework of the fight for the right to housing

Balanç Social
Tool for the promotion of the Social Market and accountability and measurement of social, environmental and good governance impact

XES Sant Cugat
Promotion and dissemination of the social and solidarity economy in Sant Cugat del Vallès

Cooperatives de treball de Catalunya
Business organization dedicated to the creation, consolidation and promotion of work cooperatives

Xarxa d’Economia Solidària
It defends an economic system that respects people, the environment and the territories

Collaborative map of the Social and Solidarity Economy in Catalonia

Promote the social economy, the third sector and cooperatives, a transformative economy model

Autonomous organization affiliated to the International Building performance simulation Association

Promotion of activities aimed at the realization and development of the principles of sustainability, quality and innovation in architecture

Barcelona Sostenible
Grouping of initiatives committed to building a more sustainable Barcelona